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Crime + Punishment

Making money by punishing innocent «criminals»

POLICING: In New York, people are being terrorised in their own streets, homes, and workplaces by the people paid to protect them. These realities should be impossible, but in these neighbourhoods in the US they are everyday occurrences.

From riches to rags: Living the life among the Sierra Leonean...

SIERRA LEONE: Solomon Juxton-Smith is working in a supermarket in New York, resembling perhaps any middle-class American. But before this life he had another. He lived in Sierra Leone and his father was the ruler of the country.

An Intimate Portrayal of an Iconic Photographer

Most people, when they hear the name Robert Mapplethorpe, think of controversy, New York’s bohemian life in the 1970s and gay BDMS photos that sparked public outrage.

PIOTR STASIK: «When something is very difficult, magical things can happen.»

Piotr Stasik is a facinating, independent voice on the Polish film arena. We spoke to him on the topics of love, freedom, New Yorkers and Europeans – and his recent essay documentary 21 X New York.

Sex and metropolitan living

The metropolitan symphony 21 X New York portrays the iconic metropolis through 21 of its citizens, focusing on what to do or what not to do in a city that never sleeps.

Three women in local coffee shop

Three young Puerto Rican women in their late teens live in the projects around Bushwick Avenue in the heart of Brooklyn which is one of the most deprived areas of New York - all three of them are from lower social class.

Filming while he was still working as a bookseller

Street booksellers in the U.S. need no licence, because they are protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution, which says that everyone has the right to distribute literature. However, with his “Quality of Life” campaign to clean up the city, New York’s controversial mayor Giuliani has given the NY booksellers a hard time. That’s what triggered filmmaker and then-bookseller Jason Rosette to document the lives of the street booksellers in Greenwich Village.
Lynne Sachs-Sheffield retrospective-featured

«A new relationship to language and listening in cinema»: Lynne Sachs...

INTERVIEW: Documentary filmmaker Lynne Sachs speaks on her career as part of Sheffield Doc/Fest's «Ghosts & Apparitions» online focus.

The New Left’s cinematic revolt

CINEMA: Morgan Adamson’s Enduring Images brings the revolutionary cinema of the 1960s alive and reminds us of the necessity of battling the ruling representations.

Above us, About us: Two new documentaries from Rotterdam

IFFR:This year‘s film festival in Rotterdam unveiled several documentaries and shorts, amongst them Above Us Only Sky – a calming exercise in intellectual and sensual stimulation – and Pelourinho: They Don't Really Care About Us, which proved to be a rough, angry gem of a picture.