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I Am Not Your Negro [dir: Raoul Peck.Photography & script: James Baldwin.]

We can all learn something about consideration and honesty by James Baldwin.

Like Dew In The Sun [dir: Peter Entell]

After centuries of hatred, violence and massacres, Ukraine is yet again at war. People continue to kill in the name of the Motherland, flag, culture or religion. Crossing checkpoints, Peter Entell takes us from loyalist Ukrainians to pro-Russian separatists, all the while searching for traces of his own ancestors who fled the country a century ago.

The female orgasm – what is it good for?

Peter Sloterdijk has written an important novel at a time where biological explanations for human actions have become the norm.

Falciani’s Tax Bomb: The Man Behind The Swiss Leaks [dir: Ben Lewis]

The story about the whistle blower Hervé Falcani focuses on two central, albeit conflicting, values of the information society.

Cinetrain: Russian Winter [dir: Tristan Daws, Dieter Deswarte, Benny Jaberg]

The magnificent images of snow covered coastal landscapes, endless birch forests, ice, frosty smoke and gloomy nights provide an insight into the harsh conditions many Russians live in, and their resilience.

PETER GREENAWAY: How many nuclear bombs will Earth endure?

VISIONS DU REEL 2016: We live in a world in which large numbers of nuclear weapons are ready to launch. But what does a film artist such as Peter Greenaway have to say about this?

Mahmud's Escape: A Syrian Family Seeking Refuge [dir: Kurt Pelda, Andrea Pfalzgraf]

It is incredibly gripping to get intimate with Mahmoud’s family during their escape from Syria to Switzerland. Even the lethal rubber dingy journey across icy cold waters is documented – using a small mobile phone camera.

Wild Plants [dir: Nicolas Humbert]

A new eco-documentary provides an artistic look at how we can all enjoy a wild and organic life.

The Day The Sun Fell [dir: Aya Domenig]

The Day the Sun Fell describes the consequences of the nuclear bomb in Japan, as told through the film maker’s own family history. A national trauma which remains connected with stigmatising and lack of knowledge in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The Family. A Film About Ramzan Kadyrov [dir: Mikhail Khodorkovskij]

A revealing documentary about Kadyrov’s Chechnya, or a propaganda film in favour of Putin’s Russia? The latter, says our reviewer.