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Conversations behind the movie camera

CINEMA: Through long-form conversations, Pamela Cohn offers a global collection of discussions on film and video as an essential medium for conveying the world's most urgent concerns.
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Field Trip

INTERACTIVE: A former airfield, now one of the world’s largest urban parks, Tempelhof Field acts as one of the city’s most vibrant and juxtaposing locations. [Director Eva Stotz, Frédéric Dubois]


PHILOSOPHY: Crossing the space-time threshold, two actors inhabit the characters of Leon Trotsky and André Breton. [Director Alejandro Rath]

The Disappearance of My Mother

FEMINISIM: Once an iconic fashion model, now a radical feminist, Benedetta Barzini and son clash to capture her lasting image of liberation. [Director Beniamino Barrese]

Dark Suns

DRUG WAR: A respectful and sensitive dedication Mexico’s dead and missing. [Director Julien Elie]

Born in Evin

IRAN: Imagine being born in one of Iran’s most gruesome political prisons, not knowing anything about your past, except for what your body tells you. Born in Evin is a story about a brave young woman who seeks the truth about her past. [Director Maryam Zaree]

«The power of the Mafia is institutionalised»

MAFIA: Modern Times Review met the Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia in the Berlinale Lounge to talk about her photographic work and the Italian Mafia today.

The Border Fence

The Border Fence draws out the anxieties and fears of a community in the grip of a shifting political landscape, provoking unavoidable parallels with an increasingly divisive Europe. [Director Nikolaus Geyrhalter]

Welcome to Sodom

The shocking reality of Ghana’s electronic waste dump Sodom reveals the truth about our unending need for the newer and better in Western consumerism. [Director Florian Weigensamer ,Christian Krönes]

Kids of Neoliberalism

How «Generation Y» got fooled by the neoliberal promise.