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JUSTICE: For almost fifty years, Lea Tsemel has been at the forefront of the fight for justice and compassion for those lost and indefensible in society’s eye. [Director Rachel Leah Jones, Philippe Bellaiche]
The Wind. A Documentary Thriller

The Wind. A Documentary Thriller

NATURE: The coming of a mighty wind that can also steal your mind. [Director Michał Bielawski]

The key point will be the distribution

DocsBarcelona: DocsBarcelona is growing. Festival director Joan Gonzàlez Herrero says that they also premiere a film in 90 venues every month.

Beirut, La Vie en Rose

BEIRUT: A glimpse into a world of privilege both outrageous and bittersweet. [Director Èric Motjer]

Daddy and the Warlord

LIBERIA: What if your father turned out to be very different than you think he is? [Director Shamira Raphaëla]


VISIONS DU RÉEL: Cinema of the real is not a sub-genre.

A Forgotten Past

SIERRA LEONE: Solomon Juxton-Smith is working in a supermarket in New York, resembling perhaps any middle-class American. But before this life he had another. He lived in Sierra Leone and his father was the ruler of the country. [Director Andreas Hadjipateras]

Breaking the boundaries at CPH:DOX

CPH:DOX: «Our festival keeps a sense of being that kind of girl in class, asking the questions that provoke the teacher,» – Niklas Engstrøm, Head of Program Department at CPH:DOX

Heartbound: A Different Kind of Love Story

Spanning a ten-year period, Heartbound tells the stories of Thai women who realise their dream of marrying a Western man. [Director Janus Metz, Sine Plambech]


Covering more than a century of Indian history, Patwardhan weaves a story that exposes the roots of Hindu nationalism and the endless war against India’s «imaginary demons». [Director Anand Patwardhan]