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A Forgotten Past

SIERRA LEONE: Solomon Juxton-Smith is working in a supermarket in New York, resembling perhaps any middle-class American. But before this life he had another. He lived in Sierra Leone and his father was the ruler of the country. [Director Andreas Hadjipateras]

Breaking the boundaries at CPH:DOX

CPH:DOX: «Our festival keeps a sense of being that kind of girl in class, asking the questions that provoke the teacher,» – Niklas Engstrøm, Head of Program Department at CPH:DOX

Heartbound: A Different Kind of Love Story

Spanning a ten-year period, Heartbound tells the stories of Thai women who realise their dream of marrying a Western man. [Director Janus Metz, Sine Plambech]


Covering more than a century of Indian history, Patwardhan weaves a story that exposes the roots of Hindu nationalism and the endless war against India’s «imaginary demons». [Director Anand Patwardhan]

To War

As his country slowly moves past its communist decades, a Cuban veteran is stuck in the past. [Director Francisco Marise]

Orwa Nyrabia – International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)

IDFA: The new artistic director at IDFA talks about the new features of the documentary industry and how watching a documentary can turn into a life-changing experience.


A film revealing the many faces of decades of organised crime in Southern Italy. [Director Francesco Patierno]

Ralph Eue – DOK Leipzig

Through the Revision section of this year’s edition of Dok Leipzig, the festival takes a retrospective glance at past documentaries that are still potent today.

Andrea Slovakova – Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival

Immigration and memories of home are the two main themes of this year‘s edition of the Jihlava International Documentary Festival, says festival programmer Andrea Slovakova.

Up the Mountain

Up the Mountain is a portrait how the shedding of the old is making way for the new in today‘s China. [Director Zhang Yang]