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Stop Filming Us-Congo-documentary-featured

Stop Filming Us!

AFRICA: A Dutch filmmaker looks to dissect the mechanisms underpinning the dominance of Western perspectives of the Congo and the African continent. [Director Joris Postema]
The Butterfly’s Dream -documentary-featured

The Butterfly’s Dream

RESILIANCE: An emotional rollercoaster where the final award is the life of a girl smiling despite her pain. [Director Jarosław Szmidt]


IDENTITY: Annexed by Russia after WWII, inhabitants of a picturesque Pacific island long for a better future while finding traces of its Japanese past. [Director Vladimir Kolzlov]
Qiangs Journey-China-documentary-MTR-featured

Qiang's Journey

IDENTITY: After a powerful earthquake displaces them, China's Qiang ethnic minority search for gods, spirits and ancestry in their new and old homes. [Director Tunzi Gao]
Only The Devil Lives Without Hope-documentary-featured

Only the Devil Lives Without Hope

JUSTICE: Standing up to a brutal regime, an Uzbek woman never breaks hope in fighting for family justice. [Director Magnus Gertten]
FIPADOC-Christine Camdessus-MTR-featured

«We aim to showcase the diversity of documentary as much as we can»

FIPADOC: Executive Director Christine Camdessus offers insight into the Biarritz festivals' 2020 edition.
How We See-Cover

Careful explorations on human impermanence

PHOTOGRAPHY: A global range of 21st-century photobooks by female photographers.
That Which Does Not Kill-documentary-MTR-featured

That Which Does Not Kill

TRAUMA: A certain kind of trauma more common than we’re willing to admit [Director Alexe Poukine]
Laura van Halsema-IDFA-featured

The craft of documentary filmmaking

FOCUS: IDFA Programmer Laura van Halsema on «Focus: Re-releasing History».
Tan Pin Pin-Dok Leipzig-interview-featured

The space she lives in

DOK Leipzig: The Singaporean filmmaker Tan Pin Pin is holding a masterclass as part of her extended homage at this year's Dok Leipzig festival.