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land mines-documentray-featured

Nothing To Be Afraid Of

CONFLICT: 5 female de-miners look to clear the land of danger in the still disputed territory after the war in Nagorno-Karabakh [Director Silva Khnkanosian]
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In Bed With A Writer

CREATIVITY: An Estonian enfant terrible of literature flights writer's block with absurd experiments. [Director Manfred Vainokivi]

The Forum

CAPITALISM: With a world at the crossroads, is the annual economic forum of elites a destination of tangible change or another chance to push a «global agenda»? [Director Marcus Vetter]
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Deep Waters

SEXUALITY: A phenomenon that remains largely unknown, Deep Waters is an immersion into the mysterious continent of female pleasure [Director Alice Heit]
In My Skin-featured

In My Skin

ABUSE: The daily lives of three women of different backgrounds struggling to break free from violent relationships [Director Anna-Sophia Richard]
En Cenizas-featured

In Ashes

TRAUMA: Living with an identity disorder as a consequence of Colombia’s lengthy armed conflict, an ex guerilla soldier must face a past he is desperate to forget. [Director Camila Rodriguez Triana]

The Great Green Wall

CLIMATE CHANGE: Malian musician Inna Modja takes an epic journey down Africa's ambitious Great Green Wall project where 8,000km wall of trees is to stretch across the entire continent. [Director Jared P Scott]
German-organised crime-MTR-documentary

Another Reality

CRIME: A deep look into the coherences and everyday realities of Germany’s family clans operating within the law's grey zones. [Director Noël Dernesch, Olli Waldhauer]
hottest-august-new york-city-documentary

The Hottest August

URBANISATION: A glimpse into the collective consciousness of a city and its citizens, The Hottest August offers a mirror onto the registered anxiety of contemporary survival strategy. [Director Brett Story]
dark suns-documentary-featured

Dark Suns

DRUG WAR: Trapped within an abjectly corrupt architecture of power, many Mexicans are subject to the collusion between organised crime and state institutions in a deadly concert of terror. [Director Julien Elie]