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The Walrus and the Whistleblower

ANIMAL RIGHTS: The plot to steal a walrus is at the heart of a Canadian whistleblower's attempt to end marine mammal captivity. [Director Nathalie Bibeau]
Father Boniecki-documentary-featured

xABo: Father Boniecki

FAITH: An intimate portrait of a man torn between his faith and concern about the contemporary Church. [Director Aleksandra Potoczek]

The Hypnotist

CONTROL: Intersecting power, truth, and myth through Finnish hypnotist Olavi Hakasalo. [Director Arthur Franck]
The Foundation Pit-documentary-featured

The Foundation Pit

RUSSIA: Online video as a contemporary form of political expression and a plea against censorship in Russia. [Director Andrey Gryazev]

The Booksellers

NOSTALGIA: Both a celebration of book culture and serious exploration of its future, The Booksellers peers into a small but fascinating world. [Director D.W. Young]
Atom-Love-Affair-nuclear power-documentary-featured-MTR

The Atom: A Love Affair

NUCLEAR: Tracing the history and complex social and political forces that have fueled the conversation around nuclear power. [Director Vicki Lesley]


RUSSIA: Against the backdrop of gigantic rusty smokestacks, the day-to-day lives of Magnitogorsk seem pre-determined by one of the largest iron and steel factories in Russia. [Director Gabriel Tejedor]
The Pageant-Miss Holocaust Survivor-featured

The Pageant

ISRAEL: Sponsored by a Christian evangelist organization, each year female survivors of the Holocaust compete in a unique beauty contest. [Director Eytan Ipeker]
Hong Kong Moments-documentary-MTR

Hong Kong Moments

IDENTITY: Following seven protagonists, the fragmentation of Hong Kong society under the 2019 social movement that attracted the attention of the whole world is on full display. [Director Zhou Bing]


CAPITALISM: At the heart of the capitalist world, the Swiss mountain town of Davos is a case study in equilibrium and contrast. [Director Daniel Hoesl, Julia Niemann]