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DRONES: The Private Perceptions of Drone Technology. [Director Sylvain Cruiziat and Mila Zhluktenko]

I Pay For Your Story

POLAND: Lech Kowalski returns home. [Director Lech Kowalski]

A Campaign Of Their Own

The Latest US Election [Director Lionel Rupp and Michael David Mitchell]

A Good American

On overwhelming US State corruption and a worldwide attack on democracy. [Director Friedrich Moser]

Combat Au Bout De La Nuit

Berlinale presents a case study of crisis and impoverishment. [Director Sylvain L’Espérance]

Chasing Asylum

Questioning Australia’s Refugee Politics. [Director Eva Orner]

Declaring Cyber War

The 2016 Berlinale presents Alex Gibney’s Zero Days, one of the most important documentaries of the year.

A 157

Behrouz Nouranipour's documentary portrays three tortured and raped under-aged Syrian girls. [Director Behrouz Nouranipour]

The War Show

The banalisation of violence has a calculated effect. Permanent mediatisation and an information policy based on sensationalism are two main strategies used to produce it. [Director Obaidah Zytoon and Andreas Dalsgaard]