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Almost Human-documentary-MTR-featured

Almost Human

TECHNOLOGY: The interference between robots, artificial intelligence, and human beings. [Director Jeppe Rønde]

Altered States of Consciousness

HEALTH: A journey into the universe of Autism [Director Piotr Stasik]
Slow News-documentary-featured

Slow News

JOURNALISM: When democracy bases start to vanish. [Director Alberto Puliafito]
Mirror Mirror-documentary-MTR-featured

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

PERCEPTION: Nyon´s Vision du Réel takes a look into the world of beauty competitions in the social media age. [Director Sacha Schöberl]
Punta Sacra-documentary-featured

Punta Sacra

IDENTITY: An inside view of togetherness [Director Francesca Mazzoleni]
Smog Town-China-documentary-featured-Nyon-MTR

Smog Town

ENVIRONMENT: Why (not only) China doesn't want solutions. [Director Meng Han]
Hong Kong Demoracy-We Have Boots-documentary-Evans Chan-featured

We Have Boots

DEMOCRACY: Hong Kong faces the dawn of sovereignty [Director Evans Chan]


CONFLICT: The never before told story of Sri Lanka’s Tamil women fiercely fighting for their sovereignty. [Director Agnieszka Zwiefka]
Forbidden Reel-featured

The Forbidden Reel

CINEMA: Marked by violence and oppression, Afghanistan’s recent history, Ariel Nasr’s documentary shows the invaluable nature of cinema. [Director Ariel Nasr]
Radio Silence-Mexico-featured

Radio Silence

MEXICO: The incorruptible journalist Carmen Aristegui is one of the few voices in Mexico with the courage to consistently speak the truth [Director Juliana Fanjul]