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Self Portrait-anorexia-documentary-featured

The Self Portrait

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lene Marie Fossen's own tortured body as a canvas for grief, pain and longing in her series of self portraits [Director Katja Høgset, Margreth Olin, Espen Wallin]


MODERNITY: The expectation of a paradise free of modern progress become the opposite. [Director Audun Amundsen]
False Belief-featured

False Belief

JUSTICE: Premiering at this year's Berlinale, Lene Berg's False Belief is playful, disturbing, and sensory-rich. [Director Lene Berg]


CAPITALISM: A disturbing documentary discloses the catastrophic consequences of a man-made natural disaster. [Director Sasha Friedlander, Cynthia Wade]

Reconstructing Utøya / 22 July

UTØYA: Between the two recent films depicting the Utøya massacre, Reconstructing Utøya is the one that succeeds. [Director Carl Javér, Paul Greengrass]


How do you opt out of a community that expects life-long allegiance and responds to dissenters with brutal retributions? In Exit, Karen Winther depicts the hazardous struggle for liberation. [Director Karen Winther]

Reconstructing Utøya (work in progress)

If you can only bear watching one film about Utøya, Reconstructing Utøya is worth the wait. [Director Carl Javér]

Kayayo – de levende handlekurvene / Kayayo – the living shopping carts

Thousands of Ghanaian girls as young as six are systematically sent away from their impoverished rural homes to the capital to scrape together a few pennies – burdened with loads that could break the back of a strong adult. [Director Mari Bakke Riise]

Interpretation and prejudice

Dramatizations of our great national tragedy are lining up. Why is it more sensitive that a foreigner tells the story of 22 July tan one of our own filmmakers?
Becoming Animal-featuredvideo

Becoming Animal

ECOLOGY: A magnificent documentary about the natural origins of what we consider to be man-made and the connection between man and nature. [Director Peter Mettler, Emma Davie]