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Big little secrets

CONTROL: In his memoir, Edward Snowden reveals how he helped build the mass surveillance system and what his motivations were to bring it down
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Photographer of War

WAR REPORTER: Living a life in a state of emergency, renowned war photographer Jan Grarup's work has taken him to conflict zones around the world, from Darfur to Mosul. [Director Boris B Bertram]

Approaching documentary from a unique angle

VISIONS DU RÉEL: No matter what the subject is, Martina Parenti and Massimo D'Anolfi always have one aim: to drive us beyond the immediate.
I have seen nothing, I have seen all Yaser Kassab

I Have Seen Nothing, I Have Seen All

SYRIA: In Syria, not even once dead do you get peace. You may have thought that you had seen all. Instead, you had yet seen nothing. [Director Yaser Kassab]

In Extremis: A story about bravery, talent and betrayal

WAR REPORTER: Marie Colvin covered all the main conflicts of our time, always with the same aim: not only to bear witness, but to bring action.

Shooting the Mafia

Letizia Battaglia never introduced herself as a photographer of the Mafia. She was taking pictures of Palermo, she says, where the Mafia is simply part of everyday life and routines. [Director Kim Longinotto]

How to help the Syrians?

WAR REPORTER: Rania Abouzeid gained unprecedented access to the heart of the Syrian conflict by clandestinely entering Syria over a number of years. No Turning Back tells the Syrians stories.

Another day in the death of America

Another Day in the Death of America draws a grim picture of today's America and is by far one of the most influential books on arms and shootings in the US.

In the backyard of war

As the peace efforts between Israel and Palestine have come to a halt, the Palestinians in Nabi Saleh dream about access to the Mediterranean Sea – still out of their reach.

The War With No Frontline

SYRIA: «Yes, this area is under our control,» says a logistician of the Ahrar al-Sham, while pointing at a checkpoint on the map in front of him. «But to be honest, if I were you, I would stay away. People who have gone through this way, have gone missing.»