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Spaceship Earth-Biosphere 2-documentary-featured

Spaceship Earth

SUSTAINABILITY: A spirited documentary following a visionary counterculture collective, as well as a cautionary tale about the forces destroying the planet. [Director Matt Wolf]

The Social Dilemma, Saudi Runaway

TECHNOLOGY: Sundance 2020 featured several films with tech at their center. [Director Jeff Orlowski, Susanne Regina Meures]

On the edges of Sundance 2018

There’s more that goes on at the Sundance festival beyond traditionally formatted film - this year VR was the biggest buzzword.

Windows of American culture

RBG and Minding the Gap are American testimonies of truth and power from both a public and personal point of view.


Thomas Balmès won the Cinematography Award at Sundance Film Festival for his disturbingly beautiful Happiness. A film featuring characters with no sense of (self)representation, Balmès doesn’t think in terms of beauty. [Director Thomas Balmès. Finland]


We are drawing a line through three films from Sundance this year: politics, economics, and the Occupy Movement.

SUNDANCE 2012: Peeling the rotten onion

Is the lure of materialism too strong? Who’s not paying federal income tax, an estimated 100 billion US dollars a year? ExxonMobil? Check. Bank of America? Check. Google? Apple? Fedex? The list runs deep.

SUNDANCE 2011:A nanosecond of history

As usual, social issue docs had a strong showing at the festival this year. A notable thread for DoX’s Harriette Yahr was “writing history” – she looks at three films in this regard.

To raise food awareness

American writer and filmmaker Harriette Yahr travelled to the world of food at CPh:DOX in Denmark.

SUNDANCE 2010: New frontiers at Sundance

The New Frontier programme offers both installation space and film section. The space showcases media works that straddle the boundaries between art, cinema and new technology. DOX saw two films from the programme: "Double Take" is a history lesson and a cinematic art. The brilliance of "Utopia in Four Movements" is in the truth it mines, the exploration itself; Sam Green narrates the four utopias found and lost. Our favourite at Sundance.