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Angels on Diamond Street-featured

Angels on Diamond Street

POVERTY: Following the kitchen staff & guests of a North Philadelphia soup kitchen, Petr Lom's documentary sees firsthand what happens when an undocumented Mexican family asks for sanctuary in its church. [Director Petr Lom]
circle-eco community-estonia-featured

The Circle

ECOLOGY: Inspired by the growing movement of global eco-villages, a group of 12 adults and 6 children set out to start the first such eco-community in Estonia. [Director Margit Lillak]


AFRICA: Sakawa uses beautiful portraiture to tell a story of Ghana’s enterprising young adults who hope to make a living by learning how to scam on the Internet. [Director Ben Asamoah]


CULTURE: The American broadcaster PBS has launched a new documentary about one of the key events in American modern history: Woodstock. [Director Barak Goodman]

What You Gonna Do When the World's On Fire?

BLACK AMERICA: Robert Minervini’s new documentary examines a community of disenfranchised people in New Orleans and their struggle for survival in a country that seems to have forsaken them. [Director Roberto Minervini]

Gods of Molenbeek

CHILDHOOD: Aatos and Amine are deep thinkers, bright and curious. We follow the life of these two six-year-olds in Molenbeek – a multi-ethnic suburb in Brussels – discovering different ways of thinking about god(s) and pondering about life and its aftermath. [Director Reetta Huhtanen]

Daymohk, The Ancestral Land

CHECHNYA: The way Daymohk opens, one might think it‘s going to be a film that uncritically praises traditional Chechen folk culture and the Head of the Chechen Republic. But the film becomes more interesting once you get past the opening. [Director Masha Novikova]

A Dog Called Money

MUSIC: Across Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Washington DC, musician PJ Harvey and photojournalist Seamus Murphy craft a beautifully shot, sensitively edited film on observation, experience, and the creative process. [Director Seamus Murphy]