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INTERVIEW«My background was from journalism, I had to learn film language», says Benjamin Ree on his The Painter and the Thief.
The Earth Is Blue as an Orange-featured

The Earth Is Blue as an Orange

CONFLICT: Through their collective artistic project, a single mother and her four children cope with life inside a war zone. [Director Iryna Tsilyk]
Toni Morrison-Piece I Am-MTR2-featured

Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am

BIOGRAPHY: A dense journey encompassing the life on Toni Morrison and her place in history. [Director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders]
exemplary behaviour-featured

Exemplary Behaviour

REHABILITATION: In viewing Vilnius prisoners serving life sentences, Exemplary Behaviour examines the paradox between justice and forgiveness. [Director Audrius Mickevicius, Nerijus Milerius]
my english cousin-refugee narrative-documentary=featured

My English Cousin

MIGRANTS: In 2001, Fahed reached the UK filled with dreams. By 2018 he is on the brink of a mid-life crisis. [Director Karim Sayad]


CONFLICT: Following one South Korean recruits' journey of mandatory service reveals how an individual is shaped into being part of a collective identity. [Director Kelvin Kyung Kun Park]