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The Czechs Are Excellent Mushroom Pickers

ENVIRONMENT: Humans are extraordinary in how they manage to isolate themselves away from their problems. [Director Apolena Rychlíkova]

Acasa, My Home

SOCIETY: On the outskirts of Bucharest, a family lives in harmony with nature until forced to adapt to big city life. [Director Radu Ciorniciuc]

Leslie on Fire / False Confessions

Wrongful convictions and false confessions – these two documentaries inspire a demand for criminal justice reform. [Director Stefan Berg /Katrine Philp]

The Raft

The new documentary by Marcus Lindeen tells the story of the 1973 Acali experiment and the surprising results that emerged from the 101 days at sea. [Director Marcus Lindeen]

Piazza Vittorio

Abel Ferrara‘s latest film is a kaleidoscope of impressions that narrates the life of immigrants in Italy and their shared experience of desperation and an uncertain future in Europe. [Director Abel Ferrara]

The Breadwinner/Tehran Taboo

ANIMATED MOVIES: Girls dressed as boys in Kabul and Tehran’s underworld of sex, drugs and rave music are portrayed through the eyes of children in the animated movies The Breadwinner and Tehran Taboo. [Director Nora Twomey/ Ali Soozandeh]

The Lust for Power/ The Candidate: The Rise of Emmanuel Macron/ Trumped: Inside the Greatest Political Upset of All Time

The Jihlava Doc Festival of 2017 was focussed on political film. Several films took on the theme of state leaders and the election processes that led to their victory. [Director Tereza Nvotová/ Yann L’Hénoret/ Ted Bourne, Mary Robertson and Banks Tarver]

The Invisible Policeman | The law in these parts

The most powerful court i have ever seen. Two films tries to answer this question, as Margareta Hruza tells us. [Director Laith Al-Juneidi | Ra’anan Alexandrowicz]


Short films are often made by young filmmakers with an innovative approach. They have a lot to give, since they have to convince the viewer in a short time. Here we look at three of them.

Doclisboa 2011: White man’s view of …

Doclisboa 2011 showed a rich retrospective of documentaries on the liberation movements of the earlier Portuguese colonies in Africa.