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Nails in My Head-documentary-featured

Nails In My Brain

IDENTITY: An ethnographic study of a strange world, presented in highly personal, experimental film language. [Director Hilal Baydarov]
laura huertas millán-MTR-featured

Ethnographic fictions: A portrait of Laura Huertas Millán

THESSALONIKI: Challenging the authoritative colonial views about exoticism, ethnography, and anthropology, filmmaker and artist Laura Huertas Millán is transforming filmmaking itself as their traditionally expressive form.
Joseph Stalin-State Funeral-featured

State Funeral

STALIN: Loznitsa's new film has several levels of gazes that organizes what the audience sees. A timely warning. [Director Sergei Loznitsa]
Family relations-documentary

Family Relations

IRAN: A severe critique of the Muslim model of a family from within, and subtle analysis of patriarchy and authoritarianism [Director Nasser Zamiri]
Asho-Iran Documentary-DokLeipzig

DokLeipzig to feature contemporary documentaries from Iran

DokLeipzig: A look into the extended programme of Iranian documentary featured at DokLeipzig 2019.

Learning about the world of multiple cinemas

MEDIA: Feeding the imagination, desires, and emotions of increasingly mobile and displaced lives, transnational media landscapes take shape.
Miloš Forman-documentary

Forman vs Forman

CINEMA: There is a part of Miloš Forman in each of his films. [Director Helena Třeštíková]

Talking About Trees

SUDAN: Exploring the importance of cinema for democracy. [Director Suhaib Gasmelbari]


COMEDY: Following two characters on the fringes of New York City's stand up circuit, Hysterical depicts personalities who may very well be more peculiar than their acts. [Director Paul Higbie and Seth Pompi]

The age of platforms

MEDIA: Analyzing contemporary social media practices likes fake news, Geert Lovink looks toward a possible end to «platform nihilism».