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The Rape of Recy Taylor

A timely documentary about the horrific rape and compelling bravery of Recy Taylor. [Director Nancy Buirski]


Ceres depicts life on the farm for four children in a personal and political way. [Director Janet van den Brand]

The Green Lie

«They tell me I can save the world… the orang-utans, the dolphins, the oceans, the rain forest, and even humankind–all I have to do is buy sustainable and fair products. But that’s a lie.» – Werner Boote, The Green Lie [Director Werner Boote]

The family

Rok Bicek’s documentary explores the rising expectations of the family under the pressures of liberal capitalism. [Director Rok Bicek]

The Trial: The State of Russia vs Oleg Sentsov

RUSSIA: The philosopher Žižek defined this particular form of power, as the “immanent cynicism of power”. It developed during the communist regime. [Director Askold Kurov]