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The Empire of Red Gold

By using production of tomato paste as an example, The Empire of Red Gold gives an astonishing insight on the uncomforting workings of globalism, and the means of production that has up until now never been revealed. [Director Jean-Baptiste Malet and Xavier Deleu]

The Rape of Recy Taylor

A timely documentary about the horrific rape and compelling bravery of Recy Taylor. [Director Nancy Buirski]


Ceres depicts life on the farm for four children in a personal and political way. [Director Janet van den Brand]

The Green Lie

«They tell me I can save the world… the orang-utans, the dolphins, the oceans, the rain forest, and even humankind–all I have to do is buy sustainable and fair products. But that’s a lie.» – Werner Boote, The Green Lie [Director Werner Boote]

The family

Rok Bicek’s documentary explores the rising expectations of the family under the pressures of liberal capitalism. [Director Rok Bicek]

The Trial: The State of Russia vs Oleg Sentsov

RUSSIA: The philosopher Žižek defined this particular form of power, as the “immanent cynicism of power”. It developed during the communist regime. [Director Askold Kurov]