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I Don't Want to Call it home / Ululation

Europe‘s longest running film festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, introduces fresh talents and new voices in this year‘s festival, reflecting the dazzling multi-cultural composition of Edinburgh in the 21st century. [Director Léa Luiz de Oliveira and Nisan Yetkin / Carina Haouchine]

House of JXN/Prisoner of Society

In the non-fiction selection of this year‘s film festival in Melbourne, the standouts included two economic miniatures, which take a bold, empathetic and vivid approach to LGBTI subjects. [Director Rosie Haber and Lauren Cioffi/Rati Tsiteladze]

Štvanice / The Last Shift of Tomáš Hisem

Despite a Slovakian sweep at the Finále in Plzeň this year, two Czech newcomers stood out from the crowd. [Director Michaela Režová / Jindřich Andrš]

Women’s expression: Two shorts from the Berlinale

The thought provoking realities of Jayisha Patel’s shortfilm Circle, stands in stark contrast to the realities of the cotton-picking corner of Alabama – portrayed in Maris Curran's short While I Yet Live.

Day and Night in Ukraine: two short discoveries

Two of the most distinctive and notable of the premieres at Rotterdam, concerned Ukraine. One xx and the other urban to its very core.