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La Espera, The Lost Procession

IFFR: Two shorts from the 2020 International Film Festival Rotterdam highlight experience from Central America to Pakistan, and beyond. [Director Danilo do Carmo, Jakob Krese, Bani Abidi]
ibraksa highway-magistrala 22

Ibarska Highway, Flânerie 2.0

SHORTS: Neil Young on two notable documentary shorts from Belgrade's Alternative Film/Video [Director Aleksandrija Ajduković, Chloé Galibert-Laîné]
ŻubrOFFka-Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love / 19¦91

POLAND: In the face of growing intolerance, the ŻubrOFFka Short Film Festival takes a stand. [Director Rafał Łysak, Emilia Śniegoska]
homo politicus-labyrinth

A Tiny Country/Labyrinth

DOCLISBOA: From the renowned Portuguese festival's most fertile patch of talent, two short films focus on politically engaged male residents of bustling European capitals. [Director Pauline Laplace, Oktay Namazov]


SDI: Executing contrasting styles, two films from the 2019 Scottish Documentary Institute «Bridging the Gap» program showcase SDI's admirable geographical balancing-act [Director Ross McClean, Eoin Wilson]

Swatted/Black Bus Stop

VIENNA SHORTS: Two short documentaries from Vienna Shorts representing two distinct sides of the modern human experience, one digital and one all too real. [Director Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis, Kevin Jerome Everson, Claudrena Harold]

Wound/Diary of Cattle

Visions du Réel: Occupying differing positions on the documentary spectrum, two shorts, Wound & Diary of Cattle, represent the adventurous approach of Nyon’s Visions du Réel. [Director Arthur Sukiasyan, Lidia Afrilita, David Darmadi]

Far From Past / The Book of Sabeth

MIGRANTS: Two short Austrian documentaries offer varied glimpses into the experiences of elderly, post-war migrants and their lives built in its capital city, Vienna. [Director Nicole Foelsterl, Florian Kogler]

Blue Boy / In Between

Experimental documentaries take centre stage at the 2019 Berlinale. [Director Manuel Abramovich, Samir Karahoda]

Above us, About us: Two new documentaries from Rotterdam

IFFR:This year‘s film festival in Rotterdam unveiled several documentaries and shorts, amongst them Above Us Only Sky – a calming exercise in intellectual and sensual stimulation – and Pelourinho: They Don't Really Care About Us, which proved to be a rough, angry gem of a picture.