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That Which Does Not Kill-sexual violence-documentary-featured

That Which Does Not Kill

TRAUMA: An innovative, challenging, and disturbing examination of rape told through a narrative explored by survivors - and perpetrators of sexual violence. [Director Alexe Poukine]
Bosnian War-documentary-featured

This Is Bosnia: The Other Face of Europe

CONFLICT: The long shadow cast by the Bosnian war is glimpsed through the lives that remain broken and disrupted a quarter of a century after the conflict ended. [Director Anna Armengol]
Russian Education-documentary-featured

Hey! Teachers!

EDUCATION: Education takes on an entirely new meaning when two idealistic young city slickers take up teaching jobs in a provincial Russian town. [Director Yulia Vishnevets]
An Ordinary Country-POland-documentary-featured

An Ordinary Country

COMMUNISM: The banality of evil in communist-era Poland explored through archive footage of secret police audio and film recordings. [Director Tomasz Wolski]
Finding Courage-China Documentary-featured

Finding Courage

CONTROL: A chilling glimpse into the murderous reality of China's suppression of meditation movement Falun Gong. [Director Kay Rubacek]

The Disrupted

CAPITALISM: The Disrupted brings the impoverishing effects of globalisation on all walks of life into intimate detail. [Director Sarah Colt, Josh Gleason]
Smog Town-China-documentary-MTR-featured

Smog Town

ENVIRONMENT: Balancing conflicting political demands for clean air and water - and a thriving economy - in a one party state is not an easy task. [Director Meng Han]
A new beginning-documentary-MTR

A New Beginning

MIGRANTS: Journey into a new life for a Syrian refugee and his son is a poignant story of love and courage. [Director Ala'A Mohsen]
Lost Reactor-documentary-featured

Lost Reactor

PERSEVERANCE: The bleached white concrete bones of an abandoned Soviet-era nuclear reactor frame Alexandra Westmeier's poetic study of lives lived out in a post-apocalyptic era. [Director Alexandra Westmeier]
We Hold the Line-documentary-Duterte-featured

We Hold the Line

JOURNALISM: In the Philippines, one brave woman and her team of journalists fight to maintain the power of truth over lies. [Director Marc Weise]