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Good Luck

Ben Russell’s latest experimental documentary studies the men that labour in the copper and gold mines of Serbia and Suriname. [Director Ben Russell]


Leilah Weinraub's Shakedown is a fascinating glimpse into the world of African-American lesbian clubs and strip shows. [Director Leilah Weinraub]

The White World According To Daliborek

A portrait of an average, everyday Neo-Nazi, The White World According to Daliborek illustrates East-Central European ennui in the form of a gently ironic documentary. [Director Vit Klusák]

The Russian job

This short documentary provides a Czech viewpoint on a 21st century car factory that is still behaving in decidedly mid 20th century ways. [Director Petr Horký]

War for peace

Covering a tragic struggle, this documentary shows stark footage of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict from a partisan, though compelling, viewpoint. [Director Yevhen Titarenko]

Teaching war

Filmed in the immediate aftermath of Russia's seizure of Crimea and the outbreak of civil war in Ukraine's eastern Russophone provinces, this is a timely warning of the remilitarization of education and society in Europe as the post Cold War optimism crumbles. [Director Adela Komrzy]

End of life

This is where we are all headed. With a background of beeping hospital monitors and oxygen pumps, End of Life is a caring, charming and at times poignant demystification of the death process. [Director John Bruce, Pawel Wojtasik]