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Saying something substantial about others

PHOTOGRAPHY: World renowned photographer Fred Baldwin has published his memoirs at the age of 90. Is this a peculiar insight into a person who, through everything and everyone he meets, first and foremost sees himself?

The Reformist – A Female Imam

ISLAM: In 2015 the Syrian–Finnish Dane Sherin Khankan decided to create a woman-lead mosque in Copenhagen. Director Marie Skovgaard has followed her struggle between individual vision and the challenge of creating a collective. [Director Marie Skovgaard]

On the President’s Orders

DRUGS: What happens when you don’t just give the executers of state monopolized violence license to kill, but also a promise of impunity? [Director Olivier Sarbil, James Jones]

The Rest

REFUGEES: Chinese artist and filmmaker Ai Weiwei follows up his documentary Human Flow with a reportage from the warzones that await refugees in Europe. The Rest is about the millions who came for shelter but found none. [Director Ai Weiwei]

Shusenjo: The Main Battleground of the Comfort Women Issue

JAPAN: Miki Dezaki set out to understand why a network of powerful people find it so important to shut up the women who demand justice for the sexual labour they were coerced into during WWII. [Director Miki Dezaki]

African Mirror

COLONIALISM: It is hard to tell if the archival documentary African Mirror is a rehabilitation of a colonial mind, a critique of colonialism or a piece of essayistic nostalgia over the colonial gaze. Probably it is a mix, and as such, nothing new. [Director Mischa Hedinger]

Light a Candle, Write a History – Candlelight Revolution

South Korean citizens made history when – armed with lighted candles and demands of justice – they brought down president Park Geun-hye and her conservative party in 2017. Director Nungcool and her crew documented the experience. [Director Nungcool]

The Trial

The archival footage from a court action against leading scientists in the Soviet Union of 1930 has been reconfigured into a narrative drama, which leads today‘s audience to believe the opposite of contemporary spectators. [Director Sergei Loznitsa]

I Had a Dream

Two Italian women look back at a decade of representative politics fighting for women’s rights in the (post) Berlusconi era. Amused, dispirited, annoyed, and anguished they assess how much – or how little – they managed to change. [Director Claudia Tosi]

Chinese Portrait

Award-winning film director Wang Xiaoshuai returns to his home country, capturing an eclectic portrait of modern China. [Director Wang Xiaoshuai]