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POETIC: The film silently observes the boys who dream of reaching the European shores, painting a picture of their ordeal amid the lingering crisis. [Director Alejandro Gonzalez Salgado]
North Korea-Dollar Heroes

Dollar Heroes

NORTH KOREA: Why do UN sanctions fail to eradicate North Korea’s exploitative operations? [Director Carl Gierstorfer, Sebastian Weis]

Mute Fire

COLOMBIA: Is there any link between the production of images and our experience of war? Colombian director Federico Atehortúa Arteaga poses this question in his debut film Mute Fire. [Director Federico Atehortúa Arteaga]

Werner Herzog: «Facts do not constitute the truth»

Acclaimed German film director Werner Herzog talks about his most recent film Meeting Gorbachev, while also warning against trying to articulate the truth in precise terms.

Letter to Theo

In Letter to Theo, French director Élodie Lélu revisits Angelopoulos’ unfinished film, reminiscing on their collaborative work on the project that was in some ways prophetic of the present-day Greece. [Director Élodie Lélu]

Laila at the Bridge

DRUGS: Laila at the Bridge takes the viewer on a harrowing journey to Kabul’s dark underpass, following a woman who attempts to save as many drug addicts as she can. [Director Elizabeth Mirzaei, Gulistan Mirzaei]

Kill All Normies

Angela Nagle bemoans the alt-right and explains what has made it a success story. [Director Angela Nagle]