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5 things to consider when starting a documentary podcast-MTR-featured

5 things to consider when starting a documentary podcast

HOW TO: With podcasting a relatively new, and surging, terrain for filmmakers, we look at 5 things to consider when starting a documentary podcast.
Pierre-Alexis Chevit-Cannes Docs-MTR-interview-featured

«I see the genre’s remarkable momentum going on for some time»

FESTIVAL de CANNES: The head of Cannes Docs, Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes, Pierre-Alexis Chevit, speaks on the documentary focused initiative at the world-renowned film festival.
Ondřej Kamenický-One World Prague-featured

«artificial elitism doesn’t make sense»

ONE WORLD: Festival Director Ondřej Kamenický offers insight into Prague's Human Rights Documentary Film Festival's 2020 edition.

«the rhythm of documentary is close to the pace of real life»

FIPADOC: President of FIPADOC Anne Georget offers insight into her favorite non-fiction films, the festival’s 2020 goal, and more.
Marshawn Lynch-A History-featured

Marshawn Lynch: A History

AMERICA: Through the eloquence of silence, echo, and mimicry as key tools of defiance, American football star Marshawn Lynch weaves his legacy. [Director David Shields]
Making Waves-featured

Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound

CINEMA: A new documentary seeks to give insight into and credit to those unsung heroes responsible for the sound of contemporary cinema as we know it. [Director Midge Costin]
MTR-interview-ji.hlava programme director-petr kubica

«I expect the best documentaries to have the same impact as great reads»

Ji.hlava: Modern Times Review speaks with Ji.hlava’s Programme Director, Petr Kubica.

They need to trigger emotion

Millennium Against Gravity: I am still waiting for a documentary version of House of Cards, says festival director Artur Liebhart.

«Documentaries fill people’s need for featured reality»

DOK.fest München: MTR talks with the programmers at the DOK.fest München’s International Programme, Julia Teichmann and Monika Haas.

Getting closer to the heart of the truth

HOT DOCS: Documentary filmmakers are the last people standing, waving the flag for the truth and facts.»  – Shane Smith, Programme Director at Hot Docs.