The Thessaloniki International Film Festival is the top film festival of South-Eastern Europe, the presentation platform for the year's Greek productions, and the primary and oldest festival in the Balkans for the creations of emerging filmmakers from all over the world. Founded in 1960 as the Week of Greek Cinema, it became international in 1992, including a Competition Section for feature-length films by emerging directors presenting their first or second film.

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Thessaloniki Documentary Festival winners-online-featured

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2020: The winners list

The 22nd
Slow News-documentary-featured

Slow News

JOURNALISM: When democracy bases start to vanish. [Director Alberto Puliafito]...


CULTURE: A vulnerable, vivid and sprawling story about the challenges present for a group of ...
Sing Me A Song-documentary-featured

Sing Me A Song

SPIRITUALITY: In the few years since TV and internet were introduced to Bhutan, daily ritual...
Thessaloniki-Documentary Festival-2020-featured

Lucid dreaming: animated documentary at Thessaloniki

THESSALONIKI: Three films from the 2020 Thessaloniki Documentary Festival prove the multi-dim...


MEMORY: This intriguing trip down memory lane, to the Basque country of idyllic summers, is a...
laura huertas millán-MTR-featured

Ethnographic fictions: A portrait of Laura Huertas Millán

THESSALONIKI: Challenging the authoritative colonial views about exoticism, ethnography, and ...

Acasa, My Home

SOCIETY: On the outskirts of Bucharest, a family lives in harmony with nature until forced to...
Welcome to Chechnya-documentary-featured

Welcome to Chechnya

CONTROL: A group of activists risk unimaginable peril to confront the ongoing anti-LGBTQ prog...
Self Portrait-anorexia-documentary-featured

The Self Portrait

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lene Marie Fossen's own tortured body as a canvas for grief, pain and longing in...
The Earth Is Blue as an Orange-featured

The Earth Is Blue as an Orange

CONFLICT: Through their collective artistic project, a single mother and her four children co...
Colombia in My Arms-featured

Colombia in My Arms

CONFLICT: A sensitive and balanced glimpse into the consequences of Colombia's much-heralded ...
MTR Review-Citizen K-Mikhail Khodorkovsky-featured

Citizen K

RUSSIA: Alex Gibney provides an intimate look at post-Soviet Russia from the perspective of M...


TECHNOLOGY: This chilling and critical AI-documentary almost succumbs to the dark fascination...
This is Not a Movie-Robert Fisk--featured-MTR

This is Not a Movie

WAR REPORTER: For over 40 years, Robert Fisk has reported on some of the most violent and div...


ECOLOGY: Have we lost nature? [Director Nikolaus Geyrhalter]...
exemplary behaviour-featured

Exemplary Behaviour

REHABILITATION: In viewing Vilnius prisoners serving life sentences, Exemplary Behaviour<...
my english cousin-refugee narrative-documentary=featured

My English Cousin

MIGRANTS: In 2001, Fahed reached the UK filled with dreams. By 2018 he is on the brink of a m...
Anthropocene The Human Epoch-documentary-MTR


CLIMATE: By making us witnesses to our consumption of the Earth, Anthropocene – the Hum...
Jan Grarup-photographer-of-war-documentary

Photographer of War

WAR REPORTER: Living a life in a state of emergency, renowned war photographer Jan Grarup's w...