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The Ebb Tide-documentary

The Ebb Tide

ECOLOGY: Director Renu Savant gives us the opportunity to see the ancestral, small-fishing methods of the men of Mirya on the west coast of India. [Director Renu Savant]
Wishing You the Same-featured

Wishing You the Same

HISTORY: A new doc based on the much-heralded book EUROPEANA attempts to hold true to its impassive recounting of the history of the 20th century. [Director Arnaud de Mezamat]

Marek Edelman... And There Was Love in the Ghetto

HOLOCAUST: Marek Edelman... And There Was Love in the Ghetto is not a historical account, not a teaching of facts. It is a beautiful, joyous and painful bubble of the memories of one man who lived during the Holocaust. [Director Jolanta Dylewska, Andrzej Wajda]
Crime + Punishment

Crime + Punishment

POLICING: In New York, people are being terrorised in their own streets, homes, and workplaces by the people paid to protect them. These realities should be impossible, but in these neighbourhoods in the US they are everyday occurrences. [Director Stephen Maing]