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Test article: One day in Norway

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Dario Oliveira-featured

Who are you?

Identity: Porto/Post/Doc is giving an important space on «identity» for a new generation of international authors. We talk with its director, Dario Oliveira.

A lifetime in film

IDFA: What can we say about the 2019 IDFA choice of Jørgen Leth (82) and Patricio Guzmán (78) for «Lifetime Achievement Award» and «Guest of Honor» respectively?

Ghandi’s method

PHILOSOPHY: Can traditions of brotherhood, friendship, and solidarity still be established amongst today's majorities?


VENICE: The best documentary of the Venice Film Festival? [Director Alexander Nanau]

On the tragic mafia

VENICE: The mafia and corruption have been the topics of several films at the 2019 Venice Film Festival, but why are so many people attracted to power, even if it is so notoriously corrupting?
Hong Kong-Editorial-MTR

The new uprising

EDITORIAL: Fearing increasing control and surveillance, Hong Kong's liberal population has experienced the growing presence of Communist China.
universal basic income

Citizen basic income or negative tax

EDITORIAL: As not all human activities are deemed «profitable» despite potential social or environmental good, what are the options to solve this problem?

Out of control

EDITORIAL: While states eagerly invest in autonomous weapons and employ drones more frequently, we should ask ourselves if we understand the long-term consequences.
Extinction Rebellion_featured


ENVIRONMENT: Extinction Rebellion should be taken seriously.
Lie has a background as newspaper and magazine editor for around 25 years.   He has an education in philosophy and informations technology, from Oslo, San Francisco and New York. Previous publisher and editor-in-chief of Morgenbladet in Oslo (1993–2003) and Le Monde diplomatique (2003-2013).

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