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State of Emergency-Coronavirus-MTR-featured

Permanent state of emergency?

Coronavirus: Are the European authorities truthful about how long the measures will last? Can you lock up a population for 12-18 months before a vaccine is developed?

A cinema of prototypes

INTERVIEW: Art director Catherine Bizern at Cinema du Reel talks with MTR.

Recreate it!

INTERVIEW: Artistic director at The Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Orestis Andreadakis.
Saudi Runaway-Berlinale 2020-views-featured

Berlin stinks

BERLINALE: There really was something behind the films at the Berlinale this year.
artificial intelligence-surveillance-editorial-MTR-featured

The coming technological decade

EDITORIAL: Will increased control or monitoring in this decade eventually leave more to algorithms that carry out actions based on so-called "actionable intelligence"?
MTR-European documentary magazine-7-featured

Docs and de-powering

FESTIVALS: Can documentaries be a part of de-powering – «destitution» – most needed in today’s power-driven societies?
MTR Interview-ketil magnussen-Human International Documentary Festival

To be a meeting place

INTERVIEW: Ketil Magnussen, festival director at Human International Documentary Festival in Oslo, talks to MTR.
Dario Oliveira-featured

Who are you?

Identity: Porto/Post/Doc is giving an important space on «identity» for a new generation of international authors. We talk with its director, Dario Oliveira.

A lifetime in film

IDFA: What can we say about the 2019 IDFA choice of Jørgen Leth (82) and Patricio Guzmán (78) for «Lifetime Achievement Award» and «Guest of Honor» respectively?

Ghandi’s method

PHILOSOPHY: Can traditions of brotherhood, friendship, and solidarity still be established amongst today's majorities?
Lie has a background as newspaper and magazine editor for around 25 years.   He has an education in philosophy and informations technology, from Oslo, San Francisco and New York. Previous publisher and editor-in-chief of Morgenbladet in Oslo (1993–2003) and Le Monde diplomatique (2003-2013).