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NEIGHBOURHOOD STORIES ON ARTE: The Town, My Neighbourhood and I

Arte has dedicated a theme evening to five short documentaries made by well-known directors from five different countries. They were all asked to tell about themselves and where they live. The filmmakers were asked to frame their neighbourhood, its atmosphere, buildings, people and history, and they were urged to be personal. TUE STEEN MÜLLER comments on this new collection of neighbourhood films.

BALKANS: Truth and Reconciliation

To introduce this special insert about documentaries in the SEE countries, Tue Steen Müller reflects on the important role that the documentary should play in a region haunted by civil war, ethnic conflicts and international political intrigue yet which hopes for peace and stability.

HUMAN RIGHTS DOC CONFERENCE 2000: Only Time Can Change the World

Around 40 film professionals from 13 countries met in Lesidren, Bulgaria this past October for the first edition of the conference ”Documentary Films: Ethnic Issues and Human Rights”.

DUBROVNIK 2000: Looking for Trouble

This is the story of why a film festival was transformed when things got too peaceful. A fairytale by TUE STEEN MÜLLER.

CinÉma VÉritÉ - Defining The Moment

This is a documentary about direct-cinema from its very beginnings (Nanook of the North) to the fake-direct-cinema of the Blair Witch Project. All the important direct-cinema filmmakers are portrayed and/or interviewed: Leacock, Wiseman, Maysles, Pennebaker, Reisz and others. [Director Peter Wintonick]


TUE STEEN MÜLLER convinced the editor-in-chief that football and documentaries have a lot in common!


Women and the variety of ethnic communities are two of the most frequent themes dealt with in Iranian documentaries where the tradition for poetry overshadows journalism.

FROM INSIDE: Balkan Stories

Historical conflicts are always a popular -and important- topic for documentaries, as is the case with the war in former Yugoslavia

TEN YEARS LATER: New Times in Riga

Ivars Seleckis has made a sequel to The Crossroad Street, his film from ten years ago about the inhabitants of Crossroad Street in Riga

ERIK GANDINI: Getting Back the Lost Reality

With three feature documentaries behind him, all dealing with some of the big conflicts of our time, Erik Gandini is a politically committed filmmaker and part of a new generation with a new approach to documentary style