FIPADOC unveils first details and films for 2023 festival

    FIPADOC will run from 20 to 28 January 2023 for its fifth edition and in an extended format. This format includes two weekends starting...

    European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 «Arts of Survival» Documentaries opens international film competition

    European Capital of Culture (2024) #Tartu 2024 Arts of Survival Documentaries opens an international film competition.Tartu 2024 Arts of Survival Documentaries invites filmmakers from...

    «We like to think that even if DocPoint is small in resources, it’s big in content»

    DOCPOINT: Artistic Director Kati Juurus on the challenges, trends, and the 2022 DocPoint experience.

    Baltic Sea Docs announces selected projects for 2020

    The 24th edition of the Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries# has announced its #Baltic Sea Docs# 2020 participating projects. Occurring mostly online from 29...

    The Circle

    ECOLOGY: Inspired by the growing movement of global eco-villages, a group of 12 adults and 6 children set out to start the first such eco-community in Estonia.

    Soviet Hippies

    USSR: Vivid memories of home-made psychedelic drugs and Soviet revolutionary times are brought to life in Soviet Hippies.

    Disco And Atomic War

    A documentary from the time when American films portrayed Soviet commissionaires changing sides to betray communist ideals, and Soviet television showed CIA agents gunning down innocent comrades.

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    FIPADOC 2023: the complete winners
    As the fifth #FIPADOC comes to an end, the full winner's list from across competitive sections has now been announced. The announcement comes after...
    FIPADOC closes 2023 Industry Days with award ceremony
    The programme of the fifth #FIPADOC Industry Days has come to a close with its award ceremony. Held between 23 - 26 January, on-site...

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