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State of repression

Recently opened archival material from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq paints a different picture of the brutal dictatorship.

A moral duty to tell
(The wall and the gate)

Israeli lawyer Michael Sfard presents a new take on human rights battles within the occupied Palestinian territories.

Two Hundred Years of Silence
(Two Centuries of Silence)

IRAN: This sixty year old book is heartily recommended for anyone who wants to know more about the current relationship between Iranians and Arabs.

Abdolhossein Zarrinkoub: Two Centuries of Silence

A: Where are you from? B: Iran A: So you speak Arabic? B: No, we speak Farsi. Iranians are not Arab. We are Persian.

Female Arab voices

A myriad of Arab women documentary filmmakers have started their own revolutions through the issues that they choose to cover, the questions they ask and the connections they establish.


For the first time ever, a Syrian documentary project was pitched at the Amsterdam FORUM and was one of the most successful pitches to boot. Broadcasters queued up to land a deal with Proaction (the Syrian production company) and Final Cut (the Danish co-producer)

ARAB-EUROPEAN COOPERATION: Three Minutes of Palestinian Reality

Four Palestinian filmmakers living in Ramallah, all professional filmmakers with filming and producing experience in their native country, were given the opportunity to make a short documentary for Channel 4’s strand “3-minute wonder”