domestic violence

    The Why Foundation looks at international criminal justice problems with new campaign

    In over 100 countries, prison systems currently operate well above official capacity, while mass incarceration generates significant profits for private companies in many of...

    Look What You Made Me Do

    ABUSE: Three survivors of domestic violence who have murdered their abusers are given a chance to tell their stories.

    La Colline

    IDENTITY: From the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, an intense look into the lives of the neglected and forgotten.

    «The Central and Eastern European Documentary industry is still healthy, despite damages that pandemic may have infused.»

    DOKUFEST: Artistic Director Veton Nurkollari on the festival's jubilee edition.

    Taiwan International Documentary Festival showcases country’s first wave of indigenous filmmakers

    This month's Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TDF) has announced a special programme: «Indigenous with a Capital ‘I’: #Indigenous Documentaries from 1994 - 2000». The...


    LIFE: Shot over 40 years, an epic about one woman’s struggle for independence requiring her to face her past in the macho-culture of Central America.

    In My Skin

    ABUSE: The daily lives of three women of different backgrounds struggling to break free from violent relationships

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