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The iconic Glock
(Weapon of Choice)

Despite a somewhat sprawled narrative, this collection of stories around the gun named Glock is worth your attention.

Lauren Greenfield re-examines the all-American pursuit of Benjamins and bling
(Generation Wealth)

With self-proclaimed financial genius Donald Trump being the most significant politician in the world and the global economy continuing to affect everything from Brexit to far-right populist regimes in Eastern Europe to the rise of the nouveau riche in China, Lauren Greenfield’s documentary Generation Wealth couldn’t have been made at a more appropriate time.

Varoufakis’ magical realism
(Talking to My Daughter About the Economy)

By cutting the principles of capitalism to the bone and by using language that is straightforward, Yanis Varoufakis pulls out the essence of modern economy.

Why cash?

ABOLISHING CASH? Although most of us rarely use cash, there is something suspicious about the fact that banks and politicians want to abolish it.

Knight of transparency
(Falciani’s Tax Bomb)

The story about the whistle blower Hervé Falcani focuses on two central, albeit conflicting, values of the information society.

(The Will | Seduced and blackmailed)

Two films focus on the need for money. Will the desire for a sudden reward remove profound feelings of angst, despair and loneliness? And what happens when you manage to blackmail rich European women?

SUNDANCE 2012: Peeling the rotten onion

Is the lure of materialism too strong? Who’s not paying federal income tax, an estimated 100 billion US dollars a year? ExxonMobil? Check. Bank of America? Check. Google? Apple? Fedex? The list runs deep.

A lifestyle attitude
(Living Without Money)

German heidemarie Schermer literally gave away all her possessions to live without money. Does the director explore all the critical issues?