Gods of Molenbeek

    CHILDHOOD: Aatos and Amine are deep thinkers, bright and curious. We follow the life of these two six-year-olds in Molenbeek – a multi-ethnic suburb in Brussels – discovering different ways of thinking about god(s) and pondering about life and its aftermath.

    The Reformist – A Female Imam

    ISLAM: In 2015 the Syrian–Finnish Dane Sherin Khankan decided to create a woman-lead mosque in Copenhagen. Director Marie Skovgaard has followed her struggle between individual vision and the challenge of creating a collective.

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    FAITH: Diary of a Bride of Christ (dir: Marta Smerechynska)
    At a remote Ukrainian monastery, young nuns who choose to become «Brides of Christ» share their intimate stories.
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    LOVE: Nelly & Nadine (dir: Magnus Gertten)
    A poignant and deeply moving story of the love that two women found in a Nazi concentration camp.

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