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Theo Angelopoulos, the filmmaker of migration
(Letter to Theo)

In Letter to Theo, French director Élodie Lélu revisits Angelopoulos’ unfinished film, reminiscing on their collaborative work on the project that was in some ways prophetic of the present-day Greece.

The iconic Glock
(Weapon of Choice)

Despite a somewhat sprawled narrative, this collection of stories around the gun named Glock is worth your attention.

The many ways to power
(The Lust for Power/ The Candidate)

The Jihlava Doc Festival of 2017 was focussed on political film. Several films took on the theme of state leaders and the election processes that led to their victory.

A Portrait of a Young Mayor
(Dil Leyla)

Director Asli Ozarslan first saw Leyla Imret in a newspaper.

The Common Man’s Party
(An Insignificant Man)

Media criticism. Indian documentary An Insignificant Man is an interesting example of how a political movement can begin and achieve authority.

New York Review of Books
(The 50 Year Argument)

The documentary The 50 Year Argument is a celebration of one of literature’s most influential institutions, but could have benefitted from a more critical gaze.


Selected from 350 hours of film archives, the film on Swedish politician Olof Palme shows him in several interesting political situations. I do miss some deeper insights into a few of those situations, but the multiplicity of the film should definitely satisfy a large audience, or new generations.

They just want law and order

Two new documentaries: – on former parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the antiIslam Party for Freedom’s Geert Wilders.

Renegate military intellectuals
(The Most Dangerous Man In America | War Games And The Man Who Stopped Them)

Daniel Ellsberg, a washington insider, decided to place himself squarely at the centre of a maelstrom that exposed devastating uS national secrets. During the Cold war another renegade, Ryszard Kuklinski, passed more than forty thousand strategic documents concerning the warsaw Pact from Poland to the American CIA. Both men changed the world.