Young is a regular contributor to Modern Times Review.
NATIONALISM: A 6-month documentation of Łódź right-wing National-Radical Camp activity.

Budapest, Hungary: 28th May 2020. More than 3,000 people demonstrated in the city centre as a protest against what they dubbed «Gypsy crime.» Their outrage sparked by the deaths of two young men on the streets of the capital the week before, reportedly stabbed by a youth of Roma background. Prominent among the organisations taking part in the demonstrations was Mi Hazánk, a far-right political party, whose name translates as «Our Homeland.» And the demonstrations — not much «social distancing» being practised — looked and sounded very much like the marches and rallies which have become a familiar part of the European landscape over the last decade or so. Black attire; red hand-held flares; nationalist slogans; flags on long poles; a preponderance of short-haired, stocky males in their twenties and thirties. The languages and the flags may change from Ukraine to Greece to Serbia to Germany to Italy to Slovakia to Russia, but the manifestations of

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