DEMOCRACY: Hong Kong faces the dawn of sovereignty
Dieter Wieczorek
Dieter Wieczorek
Wieczorek is a film critic and regular contributor to Modern Times Review.
Published date: March 16, 2020

What brings 2 million people from a population of 7,3 million to the streets, fighting for democratic elections? What leads students to kill themselves as a symbolic act for their desire for sovereignty? What makes Hong Kong’s inhabitants so special in sending out a global message on the worth of democracy, while other society’s democracies fall into recession, often even unnoted?

The 2020 International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) offered a large «Focus» program with over 40 historical and actual works, to reconstruct the phenomena of Hong Kong. One of them, We Have Boots by Evans Chan, offers a huge quantity of information from an inside view, bringing key figures, who – this needs to be pointed out – don’t want to be leaders, in front of the camera.


First, let’s remember that Hong Kong is the most populated territory in the world with 6763 hab./km2 (2017). It’s also the 9th most unequal «country» in the world having the most expensive housing market nine years in a row. In 2018, a 4-bedroom house became the

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