About the uncertainty

    FILMMAKING: Controlling the uncertainty of the character driven narrative.

    The Uncertainty
    Author: Mikael Opstrup

    «Character-driven documentary is the only art form beyond the control of the creators» – thus opens the freshly published book of Mikael Opstrup, the renowned documentary developer and consultant. With a background in producing and working as head of the European Documentary Network, Mikael has been supporting filmmakers across Europe to develop their film ideas for many years. He consults hundreds of projects each year. Along with a few others, he has been the key figure in showing emerging filmmakers the way through the industry jungle.

    Mikael Opstrup gathers his expertise in mentoring and developing films in the book entitled The Uncertainty – A book about Developing Character-driven Documentary. The book was presented at IDFA 2021, making me realize how little contemporary literature there is about documentary filmmaking. It came out alongside Niels Pagh Andersen’s Order in Chaos, . . .

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    Salome Jashi
    Salomé Jashi [Tbilisi, 1981] is a documentary filmmaker and producer from Georgia. Her Taming the Garden [2021] premiered at Sundance Film Festival in the World Cinema Documentary Competition and Berlinale Forum and was nominated for European Film Awards. Her previous film The Dazzling Light of Sunset [2016] has been awarded the Main Prize at Visions du Réel’s Regard Neuf Competition as well as at ZagrebDox, Jihlava IDFF, FIC Valdivia and several other festivals. Her earlier work Bakhmaro [2011] has been nominated for the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. All three films were produced in collaboration with Arte's La Lucarne.Salomé Jashi holds an MA in documentary filmmaking from Royal Holloway, University of London [2006] as well as an MA in journalism from Georgian Institute of Public Affairs [2003]. She was a fellow of Nipkow Scholarship in 2017 and DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program in 2020.

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