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Thessaloniki Documentary Festival announces 2023 tributes

The 25th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival is paying a tribute to two of the most celebrated documentary filmmakers of our time – Stavros Psillakis and Nikolaus Geyrhalter. This year’s festival will feature a retrospective of their works, showcasing some of their most iconic films and offering audiences a chance to delve into their creative minds.

Stavros Psillakis, a Greek filmmaker, is known for his thought-provoking films that tackle social and political issues. Some of the works presented will be Debt (2021), Olympia (2015), There Was No Other Way (2009), and more. Psillakis’ films are renowned for their vivid imagery and powerful storytelling and his commitment to showcasing the world from a fresh perspective has made him one of the most highly regarded filmmakers of his generation. Psillakis will also take part in an open discussion, held within the context of the Festival’s large-scale tribute to the genre of observational documentary.

Similarly, Nikolaus Geyrhalter is an Austrian filmmaker who has made a name for himself with his insightful documentaries. Geyrhalter’s films focus on a wide range of topics including environmental issues, human migration, and the changing landscape of our world. Some of the film’s featured include Our Daily Bread (2005), Homo Sapiens (2016), and his latest, Matter Out of Place (2022). Geyrhalter’s documentaries are known for their stark realism, offering an unvarnished look at the world around us.

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