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Syria’s Dissappeared:The Case Against Assad

SYRIA: Syria’s Dissappeared should be mandatory viewing for all of those concerned about human rights or the Middle East.

Revolution now!

The period of waiting is over: The world calls for an uprising.

The Trial: The State of Russia vs Oleg Sentsov

RUSSIA: The philosopher Žižek defined this particular form of power, as the “immanent cynicism of power”. It developed during the communist regime.

The Red Soul

STALIN, RUSSIA: Through interviews, observations and archival footage, this documentary explores the present baffling and widespread reverence of Stalin.

A German Life

HISTORY: Goebbels' selfproclaimed apolitical secretary tells her version of the historical events. The result is an important document for posterity, but is this all we need?



The Age of Consequences.

A new hard-hitting documentary draws parallels between the climate crisis and worldwide social unrest.


APOCALYPSE: A solitary greenhouse is the final outpost on Earth in Ben River’s prophetic science fiction-scenario, which stages the uncertain fate of the planet: deserted, with this greenhouse as its last remaining habitable place.

Power To Change – The Energyrebellion

TRUE DEFINITION OF A REVOLUTION: It is imperative to rouse people to take control of the issue themselves – if we want Earth to survive, says Carl-A. Fechner.

The final philosophical question

One philosophical question remains, and its answer will determine the continuing life on Earth, writes the author Erland Kiøsterud.


Is Karl Marx still able to show us the way forward - some 168 years after his book was initially published?