Vierka, Or The Mystery Of Family B’s Disappearance

Miroslav Janek

Czech Republic 2005, 76 min.

The Czech singer Ida Kelarová gets to know about Vierka, a 12-year-old Roma girl with a blessed voice. She and her husband Dezo visit Vierka’s family who live in abject poverty. They feel sorry for the family and want to develop Vierka’s talent, so they invite the family (Vierka, her parents and brother) to live with them in their house, supporting them financially. They get a job for Edo, the father, and enrol the kids in school. They write songs for Vierka, work with her voice and teach the family English.

Everything should be fine, but problems quickly start to appear. It is difficult for such a large family to stay within a budget, the Romas smoke a lot and the mother, Viera, starts to bake cakes each day. Ida tries to get them to understand that they should save, though in vain, and Viera stops doing housework and stops eating. At a ‘truth meeting’ they pick on her, even Edo, who really wants this to work, but eventually the family leave.

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