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Visions du Réel invites Alice Diop into festival Atelier

This April, the 55th edition of Visions du Réel, set to take place from the 12th to the 21st, shines a spotlight on Alice Diop, an emblematic figure of French cinema. Diop, whose oeuvre straddles the delicate line between fiction and non-fiction, is set to bring her unique perspective to the festival’s Atelier, highlighting her commitment to exploring the peripheries of French society. Diop’s work, known for its deep dive into the lives of those on the outskirts, especially in Seine-Saint-Denis where she grew up, offers a rare glimpse into the lives often overshadowed by the mainstream media’s narrative.

With a Masterclass scheduled for 13 April, and a comprehensive retrospective of her films, attendees are in for a treat. Diop’s approach to filmmaking is a testament to her dedication to portraying the universality of personal experiences. Her work, characterised by its exploration of geographical areas largely absent from cinema screens, serves as a memory of the lives of suburban inhabitants, challenging the collective imagination and the often anxiety-inducing portrayals of these territories.

Diop’s career began with her return to the Cité des 3000 in Aulnay-sous-Bois, where she crafted her first documentary, La Tour du monde. Her subsequent works, including the César Award-winning Vers la tendresse, and the internationally acclaimed La Permanence, showcase her precise and patient approach, giving voice to those often silenced.

Her transition from documentary to fiction was marked by Saint Omer, a film that not only received critical acclaim but also represented France at the 2023 Oscars. This film, like her others, is rooted in extensive documentary research, reflecting Diop’s commitment to exploring societal issues through a cinematic lens.

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