FIFDH Impact Day Lab shines spotlight on human rights filmmaking

    WEBINAR: The industry-focused aspect of the FIFDH programme saw a wide-ranging online event: «Filming For Human Rights»

    Gramsci’s Notebooks

    DOK:REVUE: Canadian Experimental filmmaker Mike Hoolboom on the importance of taking pictures.

    It comes right from the belly

    DOK:REVUE: In this personal essay, a Danish sound designer Peter Albrechtsen remembers one of the world's greatest and most unique modern film composers, Jóhann Jóhannsson. This article was written in 2018, shortly after Jóhannsson´s death, but has never been published.

    Everything we love is transient, fleeting, temporary

    ESSAY: It is our self-understanding that is at stake today. With their aggressive, partly inflated subjects, Western technologists, economists, and artists have for centuries seen themselves above nature. In the ecosystem, man is in nature, he is a part of nature, on which he is completely dependent. Can we protect biotopes, habitats, rivers, lakes, soils, oceans and commons? This essay looks at five books examining the ecosystem.