Is anyone listening?

ANTHROPOLOGY:A study revealing that systematic torture is part of contemporary democracies

The end – and beginning – of history

ALBANIA: The country's transformation was fraught with difficulties. On the altar of freedom, factories went bankrupt, jobs disappeared, and thousands fled to Italy on overcrowded ships.

What tricks does the Catholic right have to define itself as the centre of Europe

THE WEST: European culture is «characterized by a melancholic feeling due to its alienation or inferiority towards a source that evokes a nostalgic feeling.» Really?

When the world is really on fire

EU: Europe never became an adult or responsible player in a multipolar world. A common foreign and security policy has never gone beyond the sketch. Will it happen now?

A logical consequence of the Cold War?

RUSSIA: M.E. Sarotte demonstrates thorough knowledge of the Cold War – and today's horrific continuation of it.

The long farewell to parents

AGEING: More people are getting older, but there are fewer to take care of them.

A new European security architecture

UKRAINE/RUSSIA: The authors believe that European countries should loosen their ties with the US in to achieve constructive results in what can be viewed as a European security problem. Two parties can only achieve security together with the other - not at the expense of it.

A threshold practice for the queer community

FEMINISM: In an attempt to align identity politics with the teachings of the Catholic Church, the Italian author and feminist Michele Murgia envisions a possibility for renewal - for the church. Here, the Holy Spirit opens up to something different and non-gendered, to queerness.

Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad

AFRICA: In Norway, interest in the Sahel region is increasing. With Gaddafi's fall in 2011, the strength and number of rebel groups in the region increased. After the start of the global war on terror in 2001, more and more countries have become interested in this vast area. But aren't the Islamists primarily fighting against the West?

He was blown up – no one was held accountable

MAFIA: A collection of anecdotal testimonies about a self-destructive societal machinery with the mafia as its cornerstone.

For those who want to understand this crisis

Sn overview of the balance of power, progression of the war, the propaganda threat, the Russians' intentions and Western reactions, the Nazi accusations and lies campaigns.

At the border of art and anthropology

Anthropology: On a new, participatory, inclusive artistic anthropology.