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    The relationship between art and the political

    ART: Though many of today's patrons use art as a giant advertising pillar, what can art still do when politicians lie?

    How far in advance do you have to know what you are looking for?

    MEDIA: Profiling, information control, behavior-regulating nudges and the sale of personal data should prove to be the reality, rather than the realisation of the internet as a publicist network.

    The control of society and the unruly

    LATE MODERNITY: People today are gaining more and more control over their surroundings – but are losing touch with the world. Where is the limit for measurements, quality assurances, quantifications and bureaucratic routines?

    No one knows the future

    COVID-19: A gathering of influential voices from around the world to weigh in on the progressive possibilities in the wake of COVID-19.

    There’s more than one feminism

    DOK.REVUE: A reflection on women documentarians inspired by Barbora Baronová’s book Women on Women.

    Documentary for social change

    SOCIAL CHANGE: Essential reading for all who want to better understand what makes our time the documentary golden age

    Words matter

    TRUMPISM: A guide to understanding, resisting, and recovering from the tumultuous Donald Trump presidency.

    Is there something after the collapse?

    SOCIETY: Thoughts on post-collapse societies and ecosocial transition.

    Documentary as an ecological system

    CINEMA: A glimpse into the ever-evolving way in which documentaries investigate, engage with, and interrogate the world.

    Russia without Putin

    RUSSIA: Putin will leave the Kremlin one day - but don't expect that to change things, argues Tony Wood in his well-researched thesis on power and continuity in today's Russia.