International Conflicts – War, Peace activism, Violence, Weapons, Military-industrial complex

This Rain Will Never Stop-Alina Gorlova

Underrepresented participants of war

CONFLICT: Fleeing one war and entering into another, the grief and uncertainty of one Syrian family beg the question: what drives a person to serve a country that doesn’t always appreciate the sacrifice?
soldiers woman-mujer de soldado-documentary

Year of the soldiers’ babies

CONFLICT: Decades after many young Peruvian women were raped by army soldiers, they take the perpetrators to court in the name of justice and dignity.
Ada Ushpiz-Children-featured

Children of the Intifada

CONFLICT: At the time this film was made there were over four hundred children under the age of sixteen held in Israeli prisons, an alarming fact - as is the recognition someone is engaging them to become front-line warriors.
Downstream to Kinshasa-Dieudo Hamadi

Hearts of darkness, dreams of light

CONGO: Honouring survivors of his Congo's 2000 «Six Day War» seeking acknowledgment or financial compensation for their pains.
Parts of a Circle: History of the Karabakh Conflict-featured

The Nagorno-Karabakh cycle

CONFLICT: A chronicle of the disputed history in the decades-old conflict between Armenians and Azerbaijanis
Transilvania International Film Festival-2020-documentary-featured

Transilvania International Film Festival announces 10 non-fiction «Whats Up, Doc?» 2020...

After an initial postponement due to COVID-19, the 2020 Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF) has been re-scheduled, with a fine selection of documentary films...
Bosnian War-documentary-featured

Unhealed wounds

CONFLICT: The long shadow cast by the Bosnian war is glimpsed through the lives that remain broken and disrupted a quarter of a century after the conflict ended.
Sea Between Us-Beirut-documentary-featured

Can we live together?

CONFLICT: Two women navigate their lives in Beirut three decades past its civil war
Eléonore Weber-There Will Be No More Night-documentary-featured

No escape

CONFLICT: Eléonore Weber's chilling compilation of military footage reveals the casual killing by men in flying machines who risk nothing in the pursuit of state-sanctioned murder.

The painful destiny of the Tamils

CONFLICT: The never before told story of Sri Lanka’s Tamil women fiercely fighting for their sovereignty.