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Humans of no nation

REFUGEES: Since 2016, 700,000 people of the Rohingya Muslim minority fled Myanmar making the Kutupalong refugee camp one of the biggest in the world.
Me and the Cult Leader-MTR-featured

Neither banal nor evil

CONTROL: A search for understanding from a survivor of Aum Shinrikyo's 1995 sarin gas attack on Tokyo's subway.

For whom the bell tolls

CONTROL: A look into the advertising approach of politics through weaponized communication by one of the world’s most notorious public relations firms.
Eric Garner documentary-featured

Breaking the blue wall of silence

RACISM: A superb experimental documentary about a trial that never was.

The dark art of politics

CONTROL: Intersecting power, truth, and myth through Finnish hypnotist Olavi Hakasalo.
Finding Courage-China Documentary-featured

The agonising campaign for truth

CONTROL: A chilling glimpse into the murderous reality of China's suppression of meditation movement Falun Gong.

Globalisation as social leveller

CAPITALISM: The Disrupted brings the impoverishing effects of globalisation on all walks of life into intimate detail.
no-exodus-conversion therapy-documentary-featured

No exodus

SEXUALITY: Former survivors & leaders of the gay conversion therapy movement contend with its aftermath.
Dirty War on the NHS-documentary-featured

Selling off the nation’s health

HEALTHCARE: The world's first universal public health service, the NHS today is under threat of being sold off and converted to a free market model.
Songs of Repression-MTR-Review

A colony of remembering and forgetting

TRAUMA: The inhabitants of a small German colony in Chile once founded as a sectarian settlement, develop different narratives to cope with its grim and traumatic past.