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Jozi Gold-documentary-South Africa

The deceptive glitter of gold

CAPITALISM: Established as the second greatest threat to humanity after global warming, the dark heart of mining pollution in South Africa is laid bare.
Water Silhouettes-MTR-ChileDoc

The spiritual significance of water

ECOLOGY: Fresh from a competition screening at DOK Leipzig, Violeta Paus' short film is a haunting and lyrical look at water pollution and deprivation.
Magnitude of Things-Jennifer Abbott

In our hands

ECOLOGY: Watch it and weep: Jennifer Abbott's remarkable, poetic, and lyrical film about the profound urgency, grief, and gravity of climate change is deeply moving.
The Virus Hunters-documentary-MTR

Nature – The largest virus laboratory

DISEASE: Why our economic system has to end.
Campaign Against the climate-documentary-MTR

High priests of climate denialism

ENVIRONMENT: A masterful confrontation with the deceptions and self-deceptions of central climate deniers – and the sinister consequences of their successful campaigns.
Eating Animals-documentary-MTR

Factory farming filth

FARMING: The filth and falsification at the heart of the factory farming system - responsible for up to 50 percent of the world's climate change - is revealed.
I Am Greta-Thunberg-documentary-featured

When society is antisocial, who calls it out?

CLIMATE: Since her solitary protest outside Swedish parliament, Greta Thunberg now leads a global movement on the climate change crisis.

The heart of an ecological crisis

CAPITALISM: The undercover work of Washington DC-based Environmental Investigation Agency shines a light into the murky and murderous world of illegal logging around the globe.
Our Planet-MTR-featured

What’s happening to our planet?

ECOLOGY: How a massively popular nature TV series can help the world
Smog Town-China-documentary-MTR-featured

China’s Uncle Smog Buster on the struggle to combat pollution

ENVIRONMENT: Balancing conflicting political demands for clean air and water - and a thriving economy - in a one party state is not an easy task.