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    The complete documentary programme for the 60th Krakow Film Festival

    As with most other festivals through the #Coronavirus pandemic, from May 31 to June 7, 2020, the entire programme of the 60th #Krakow Film...

    Visions du Réel 2020: The complete winners list

    The 51st Visions du Réel has come to a close. This special digital edition was held on 17 April to 2 May 2020 in...

    DocsBarcelona releases full programme for 2020 online festival

    The 23rd edition of #DocsBarcelona is almost upon us and is - like so many other events - evolved due to Covid-19. With this,...

    With interest at unprecented levels, IDFA to expand Online Collection

    In response to heightened interest, #IDFA has begun developing and optimizing its Online Collection online. In the coming months, the IDFA Online Collection will be...

    The 22nd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival announces May online dates

    Postponed earlier this year due to the #Coronavirus pandemic, the 22nd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival has announced that it will take place online. From May 19...

    We Are One: A Global Film Festival brings international festivals together for COVID-19 relief

    We Are One: A Global Film Festival, a 10-day digital film festival held on YouTube will bring together an international community to present free...

    dok.incubator selects 2020 workshop participants

    Out of 104 applications from 50 countries, dok.incubator has chosen 8 films and their teams selected for the 2020 workshop. The select filmmakers will...

    What to Stream at the 17th Docudays UA Digital Edition

    Attending the #Docudays UA# International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival a couple of years back proved to be one of my most memorable festival...

    DocuDays UA brings key figures to talk festival policy in quarantine times

    The current ban on holding mass events due to quarantine measures has forced film festivals to rethink their formats. Ukraine's #DocuDays UA# will hold...

    DocsBarcelona 2020 goes online

    The 23rd edition of DocsBarcelona will be held online for 2020. Due to the global health emergency caused by #COVID-19, #DocsBarcelona will also change...

    last doc reviews

    ACTIVISM: Far Eastern Golgotha (dir: Julia Sergina)
    A rough but cheerful taxi driver and vlogger becomes an unlikely dissident in Russia’s eastern corner.
    SLEEP: The Wakeful Sleeper (dir: Boris Van der Avoort)
    A private investigation into insomnia leads to wider questions about humanity's place in the world.
    FAMILY: Children of the Enemy (dir: Gorki Glaser-Müller)
    After the death of his ISIS bride daughter, one man struggles to then free his multiple grandchildren from a Syrian prison camp.
    BELARUS: Walls (dir: Andrei Kutsila)
    An insight into the emotions and psychology of Belarusian society, as uncertainty give way to anger.
    MIGRANTS: The Wire (dir: Tiha K. Gudac)
    Refugee deterrent border fences add to the already complicated relationship between the Croats and Slovenians of the Kupa region.